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MMOGs make for iSociety

Virtual worlds like Second Life are doing pretty good, thank you very much! But while businesses appear to be leaving by one door, social networks could well be walking through another… In my previous installment on MMOGs as venues for possible future business commerce, what might we need to see happen to make the businesses […]

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StarCraft 2, Halo 3 etc to play nice?

As video games evolve, they edge closer and closer to the kind of realism that our minds expect to see when we indulge in a little CGI escapism. After all, what is escapism in a virtual world if it’s only virtually realistic? And as these games shift almost inexorably closer to true realism, they take […]

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Apple iPhone to play World of Warcraft?

All kinds of commentary has been emerging surround the Apple iPhone, plenty of which writing the iPhone off before it’s even launched. I’m a little more circumspect about this kind of commentary. Sure to catch headlines but often running low-fat on the facts. Also, there’s still this odd need by some of the mainstream IT […]