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Semantic Web as the "killer app", Part 3

So the future of the web is a semantic, social landscape of topic and task relevance, content specificity and aggregated data & information. But how does all of this change affect the way we interact with the web? What happens to the web browser? In the first installment, I discussed how the search engines will […]

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Pownce: micro-blogging made easy

I like Pownce. I did like Twitter, but I don’t anymore. For me, Pownce is micro-blogging personified. While being simple to use, it’s deceptively powerful stuff. However, much like any other Social Network, it’s not the features that maketh Pownce, it’s the people… Recently, I’ve been banging a big drum about a new illness called […]

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Social Networks: your data, on-demand

There was a time when we created discrete, often well-formed by largely isolated island states of data. Then the Web went all two-point-oh, and oh how things changed… In the first installment, I looked at the problem of Social Media Fatigue and a possible cure. The cure being an open, secure and portable means of […]

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Run a business? Invite a client to the office

You don’t know what it is that I know. Similarly, I don’t know what you know. Some of you might know some of things that I know, but not everything. And visa versa. For my clients, they look at me and see a different world of knowledge. And sometimes, that difference in knowledge can seem […]

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Social Networks: immersive 3D worlds

There’s something inherent in the trust we bestow on someone when after a time of anonymity, we finally get to see their face. Think of the number of people you know on the ‘Net and you know neither their real name, nor what they look like. Yet we often trust these people implicitly. But if […]