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Find external links to your website with Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a mature collection of tools for managing and maintaining the health of your website or blog. It’s also a great way of finding out who’s linking to your articles or web pages…

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Netvibes Universe goes live

My timing is usually spot on, but this time, it’s been impeccable. My comparison of Google Personal versus Netvibes couldn’t have come at a better time. Only a few days ago did news surface that Netvibes were up to something, and I made a stab at guess as to what that something was: “By way […]

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee fears for the web, Part 3: web enabled

If we accept that the problems of the web are not a part of the web itself but more the people within it, what can be done to solve these problems? In the first installment, I discussed the worries voiced by the founder of the web, Sir Tim Burners-Lee, where I quite colourfully portrayed the […]