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Apple Safari, Adobe Apollo in web app tie-in

The politics of the web is a many splendid thing. Political machinations within the technology industry have always fascinated me. The speed at which trends are adopted, talked up and either overtaken, upgraded or killed off is at times breathtaking. Right now for Apple and Adobe, the trend is an upwards one, if no less […]

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The ideal Landing Page design

Landing Page design is about engaging the visitor. Thankfully, there are those that have developed rules for creating the ideal Landing Page design…

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On the move…

As of yesterday, I’ve moved from my exceptionally comfortable home working environment and into an office. So, until I get my act together, my time is going to be stretched somewhat. I apologize in advance for being remiss in my ‘blog travels. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m sure you understand. It’s a new beginning […]

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About Blah, Blah! Technology…

Blah, Blah! Technology is about delivering technology commentary and opinion on the kind of technology trends that shape lives, shape businesses and shape the future… I attempt to take the complexities of technology and distill their terms, phrases and industry nomenclature into smaller, easier analogies and examples that hopefully anyone can read and understand and […]

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Should e-commerce websites support Web Accessibility by law?

I recently ran a couple of articles on web accessibility [1] [2] and what emerged was the prospect of much improvement as the web standards become the rule rather than the exception. I say this with confidence because there’s money in conforming to the web standards and web accessibility in particular. My line of reasoning […]