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Why blogging is like a deck of cards

Such is the allure of making money from the web, content isn’t always seen as the undisputed king. For whatever reason, content is often deposed – sometimes quite unceremoniously – as ‘bloggers attempt to monazite their missives, mostly misusing or misunderstanding the “less is more” mantra. So if content is King, who’s the Queen and […]

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5 minute SEO primer for beginners

In SEO, it’s often the simple stuff that works the best. But time and again, people ask: “How do I get to the front page of Google?” — we start with the basics of Search Engine Optimization…

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A web presence takes time

I got an email earlier this evening (by the time this article is posted, it’ll be last night) from a client asking me a really, really simple question, which goes something like: “I’ve been onto Google and I can’t find my website when I type in my company name.” I must point out that the […]

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SEO tips for websites

Here are my top Search Engine Optimization tips for giving your web pages a lift, making your website that little bit more friendly to the search engines and your visitors alike! 1. Sound like your dad: be an authority Authority is essential. You need to speak (well, write) with an air of authority. Talk about […]

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What search engines really, really want from your website!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is as much about legibility and design as it is the HTML code. Here’s some SEO tips to help you make your website more search engine friendly…