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Game over for Xbox, PlayStation, Wii?

As an idea, only two years ago, the thought of there being no future for the likes of the Microsoft Xbox and the Sony PlayStation would have be roundly and rightly derided. After all, home entertainment seemed to be packaged like any other piece of consumer electronics and destined for a place under the TV […]

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Euro video iTunes spring launch

It seems like an age has passed since Apple started offering music to the masses from their iTunes Music Store. If you’re a European like me, it seems like an even longer time between the launch of the iTunes Music Store and a more international offering, allowing Europeans to buy and download music, too. The […]

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Apple iPhone is here…

As a qualified product designer, I’m only too aware of when I see a qualified success. The all new Apple iPhone is just such an example of a qualified success in product design and ergonomics. It’s as if Apple started the whole project from the point of view of that the entire mobile phone concept […]


Apple to do for video what they did for music?

Could well be. Like the author of this article states and I myself have pondered several times, it seems an inevitability. Now with Apple incorporating the new and vastly superior H.264/AVC video format into their new operating system, it seems even more of an inevitability that Apple will build a video version of iTunes…