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Using .htaccess to block unwanted traffic

Not all web traffic is made equal. Some websites and blogs aren’t exactly the kind of places you’d like to get a visit from. So here’s a technique for sending those visitors somewhere else…

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Apple iPod Shuffle storage bug

Now that I can work from home on my brand new MacBook Pro, and that I’ve been using my iPod Nano in the car for months, my iPod Shuffle doesn’t get used too much, not even when I’m out jogging. So what to do with my first generation iPod Shuffle? Well, with it sporting one […]

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Mashup Pipe dreams for Yahoo!

I do so like the direction Yahoo! are taking recently. Rather than trying to battle Google head-on through search, they’re coming from many different angles pursuing smaller, more niche directions. Their main vector of attack recently being Mashups. While they busy themselves with their various web properties together via other means, you can now entangle […]