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A revelation in social relevance and people-powered “found” engines

Power to people. Or so they say. In recent years, the social web has helped empower, enable, connect and cultivate personal and professional relationships all over the world. So what’s next?

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Writing the perfect non-annoying forum thread in 3 easy steps

The demise of forums has been greatly exaggerated. In fact, if you’re in need of some kind of support for almost anything, forums are pretty much where you need to be…

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WordPress as a Social Network?

Social Networking is a preoccupation of mine. Also, as a blogger, WordPress is a key part of my work flow. And a question I keep asking myself is, what if WordPress became a Social Network?

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Google Knol as trusted User-Generated Content?

Google Knol presents a problem — how can we trust the relevance of a search result if the web pages we’re being given are owned by Google and are being artificially elevated to the top results?

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Google Knol as Wikipedia, Social Media killer?

Over the weekend, Google Knol emerged as their play for authoritative content. But who pays the price for Google taking the top spot on their own search results page — Wikipedia, Social Media, or the AdWords buyer?