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Microsoft TouchWall needs a physics lesson

TouchWall is Microsoft’s go-anywhere multi-touch technology for ad hoc presentations. But what might TouchWall be like if we added a whole new physical dimension?

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What next for Apple’s iPhone?

Iconic is a word too easily associated with Apple products and the iPhone is no exception. The original Mac started out the same way, with the iPhone and the more recent iPod Touch continuing that tradition. But what’s next for the iPhone?

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Apple iPhone: a guided tour

Only now is the Apple iPhone starting to settle into peoples’ minds. Now, the detailed, critical but largely positive initial analyses have filtered their way through the web firmament, and people like me can start to pull the tenuous threads together. Rather than go into any detail myself, I’m going to provide references to some […]

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Tech’ news in brief: the Mac Tablet saga continues…

No sooner does the warm glow of the Apple iPhone begin to peak on the horizon, more Mac Tablet rumours begin to roll & churn: “Apple has filed for a European design trademark which may provide a tantalising glimpse of the company’s long-awaited tablet computer. The filing, made in May this year but only published […]

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Apple Mac Tablet for the rest of us, Part 3

To try to please everyone is to please no one. But could an Mac Tablet by Apple do just that? Could Apple please the home, education and creative markets with one device? I’d say they can, and the reason for this thinking is not so much in the device, but in the software. In the […]