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Apple TV gets bad reception

As of Macworld 2008, someone pressed the reset button on the Apple TV. While there’s some nice additions to the Apple home media player, is it good enough to be called Apple TV 2.0?

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Amazon and TiVo partner on video

In the past week, Amazon and TiVo have gotten into bed together over a video content partnership, deal .. thing. It’s an intriguing arrangement, one I personally like the sound of and looks to have the legs to run and run and then keep running. What I like most is the sheer simplicity (I say […]

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Change is always good news…

The times are indeed changing. The great thing about change is that it is inevitable, incontrovertible and most importantly of all, essential. So the season of change is upon the publishing industry, and the quarter most affected by this renewed change is that of the purveyors of news: “When Web users wanted to carve up […]