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iPhone price cut a costly call for Jobs?

Apple’s iPhone came at the mobile phone market as if the cell phone hadn’t been invented yet. While the iPhone isn’t entirely without faults, it’s clear that the boundaries of what can be achieved within the confines of a mobile device have been nudged that little bit further. However, what Apple seems to have failed […]

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Apple iPhone: DOA?

I for one won’t be buying an Apple iPhone once it’s released later this month. I don’t see enough compelling reasons to buy such a “me too” product. I watched with keen interest the recent Apple iPhone Guided Tour and identified a long, long list of essential features that are simply not there…

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Apple, Cisco work on iPhone tech’

I often look for ways of turning a weakness into a strength. It’s a key instrument that any business person employs at some stage in their lives. For the likes of Apple, it’s become a key differentiator – take what people and your competitors perceive as a weakness and build it into a strength. Take […]

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Skype updates for Mac and enterprise

I use Skype almost exclusively. Yeah, I use Meebo, too, but it’s Skype that keeps me connected to clients as well as colleagues and friends. So my interest was truly piqued by a double-whammy of Skype news this last week. Apparently, there’s an enterprise-class version of Skype on its way: “The enterprise version will allow […]

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Skype offers charged call service

For the likes of my mate Paul, something like this might just be very interesting. He and a friend are working their way towards self-employment, and as IT support people, charging for their time is a must. So using something like Skype Prime to charge for their support expertise over the phone, as it were, […]