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Building a social web workflow

By far the biggest problem associated with social networking and social media is their capacity for being a major temporal sink hole, whereby we can pour our time and effort in and get very little back in return. That’s certainly what a lot of newbie socneters tell me — but it needn’t be that way, not with a little effort, because in the end it’s the difference between aimless and effortless…

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3 steps for the social media beginner

For many businesses, social media is still a mystery. What does social media do? Is it marketing, or is it something else? And who’s going to make the effort to find out? These are common questions I hear emerging from different conversations with business people and clients. So just how will social media really make an impact on businesses? From the ground up…

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SocialWhois, like Whois but for social media people

SocialWhois is a proof of concept social media experiment into personal relevancy, based around interests rather than relative popularity. I think they’re onto something — but only if it they become a standard…

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10 reasons why the new StumbleUpon irritates rather than inspires

There was a time when StumbleUpon inspired. But the recent little update has been a big let down — and here’s why…

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Twitter, FriendFeed undermine Social Media Marketing

Twitter and FriendFeed afford a reach, influence and the prospect of a powerful presence few would question. But if you’re trying to measure the influence of your friends via Social Media Marketing, relative to your posts and submissions, you’re in for a disappointment…