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Just imagine an amazing future

When we imagine far off worlds, or make predictions of a future beyond the horizon of present day science and technology, and then make good of those imaginings, we create a self sustaining loop. By dreaming in the here-and-now of an as-yet unseen future, we change the present…

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A manned mission to Mars — the challenges

Space, the final frontier. The future of mankind is a a pioneer of the ink black firmament. But before we make our next giant leap, I’ll be discussing what we need to do first to make our exploration of the stars an enduring legacy and not a lamentable foray into the unknown…

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Serious Science: nanotechnology to kill the “upgrade cycle”?

The advent of nanotechnology will change almost every visible and invisible part of our lives — from the way we treat illnesses to how we manufacture products. Soon, the “obsolete component” itself will be obsolete…

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Real-life ‘Tricorder’ invented

While not being exactly pocket-friendly, the new portable chemical analyzer does take mass spectrometry into the field: “Unlike conventional mass spectrometers, which are cumbersome laboratory instruments that weigh more than 300 pounds, the new handheld device weighs less than 20 pounds and can be used in the field.” Not exactly svelte, is it? “Purdue University […]

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Tech’ news in brief…

Hot on the heals of my recent article: “How close are we to Star Trek technology?”, along comes this: “A ‘Tower of Babel’ device that gives the illusion of being bilingual is being developed by US scientists. Users simply have to silently mouth a word in their own language for it to be translated and […]