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FSF ‘free hardware’ free-for-all or standards stalemate?

It’s not often that I’m torn between two opposing views on a subject. I often edge in one direction eventually. Having read through the Free Software Foundation’s manifesto on freeing up hardware of proprietary tie-ins, there’s issues that emerge which aren’t easily dealt with, and as far as I can see, aren’t addressed by the […]

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Microsoft’s OpenXML not all that open?

Maybe I was too fair to Microsoft. When I first read about their OpenXML, I thought that maybe they’d turned over a new leaf. I thought that we were going to see a more caring sharing side to Microsoft. A new Microsoft looking forward, not backwards .. say, towards compatibility, for example. “Bob Sutor commented […]

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Adobe plan ahead and then play catch-up

What with Microsoft having fun with their Office Open XML format, Adobe seem to have found themselves in the awkward position of being caught in the headlights of a juganaught of a strategy that could well have implications for their PDF format: “In an effort to preempt this move, Adobe is now testing a set […]

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Adobe and Microsoft having creative differences? Part 5: end game

For reasons best known to Apple, they pushed forward with the release of their Intel Macs, ahead of their previous release date. Given that Adobe doesn’t have a history of jumping through Apple’s hoops, why is it that Adobe seem to have caught the pace with their Creative Suite 3? In the first installment, I […]

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Adobe and Microsoft having creative differences? Part 4: future war

Right now, Adobe needs Microsoft. They need their Windows franchise because most of their customers use Windows. Dilemma. But what if Apple can help Adobe through this coming creative block and possibly become Adobe’s next muse? In the first installment, I looked at the history of Adobe Flash and the factors that prompted the buy-out […]