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25% of all computers are in BotNet

Of the 600 million or so computers that are connected to the Internet, approximately 150 million of them may be unwilling participants in a botnet. It’s an alarming statistic, once you drop the numbers into a percentage, because that’s 25% which sounds even worse when you consider that’s a quarter of all Internet-connected computers. This […]

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Netflix in web video move

You come home, you sit down with something to eat and you either watch or listen to something. Your computer is usually for work stuff, or things like email, web, chatting with friends & family, or playing the odd video game. And never the twain shall meet. So why is it that the idea of […]

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New York Times to get with the times? Sounds like good news to me!

“New York Times Surrenders To Social News” I love that headline! There’s nothing like a good journalistic ‘the sky is falling!’ type dilemma to pull in the readers. Is there any truth in the headline? Of course not, but I wish I was one visitor behind the Tech Crunch article with this article. “The New […]

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee fears for the web, Part 3: web enabled

If we accept that the problems of the web are not a part of the web itself but more the people within it, what can be done to solve these problems? In the first installment, I discussed the worries voiced by the founder of the web, Sir Tim Burners-Lee, where I quite colourfully portrayed the […]

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Move along now, there’s nothing to see

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about ‘blogging and the suggestion that it’s the true emancipation of the decimation of information. While that might sound like some lyric from a 80’s protest rap song, it’s certainly covers some of the positives of ‘blogging. With an opinion and a ‘blog, someone can publicize their thoughts […]