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Internet censorship and Digg democracy

Censorship on the ‘Net is a fiery issue currently burning holes through the web in unusual places. It’s contentious, debatable and causing some consternation for some. So why is the idea of calling for some silence or some order on the web the cause of so much dismay? And just how could Digg be the […]

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What Twitter is(n’t)…

I’ve been looking around Twitter, seeing who’s in there, who’s saying some interesting stuff. If you’re a Twitter user, then you’ll see a question just above the spot where you type in your message, which says: “What are you doing?” What I’ve seen a lot of sort of makes me wonder if people are keeping […]

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All work & play in the new social age

Being separated by land borders, politics and oceans means nothing in this day & age. We live at a point in time that when looking back in years to come, we will see this first decade of the twenty-first century as a turning point in social interaction. It’s a bold statement, I know, but I […]

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Guerilla photojourno killed the pro?

Technology, certainly good technology enables people to do things they would or couldn’t ordinarily do.h3 A good example would be the home video recorder. These portable video cameras have been around for decades, but are only recently starting to make sense from cost point of view. However, stills cameras have been around much longer, and […]

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Broadband in Britain getting better

The internet being what it is, people use it for very different things. If you work from home like I did until recently, then your needs might be different to those who are ensconced in an office cubical eight hours a day. Here in Britain, broadband connections are speeding up: “Broadband is getting faster in […]