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Wardriving coming to a Wi-Fi hub near you!

So you’re using Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, and you feel that glow of confidence about you. That warm feeling that tells you that your web surfin’ is more secure than those other guys using that .. other web browser. More secure? Well… It’s been a lazy past two days writing for me. I’ve rarely strayed […]

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US researchers target worms

Sounding like some script excerpt from Terminator 3: “US researchers have come up with a technique that claims to be able to stop internet worms within milliseconds of an outbreak.” Unlike the mechanical nemesis of all mankind, this particular system has the rather prosaic, academically anaemic-sounding name of the Proactive Worm Containment (PWC) system. Obviously […]

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Breathing easy outside of Redmond

What happens when a need for stringent yet invisible security turns from a need into a must? Better yet, what happens when the various developers see this as an opportunity for something truly new and Microsoft gets their first? Well, for those in the know, there is no Palladium anymore. But don’t even dare think […]