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Microsoft’s Bing beta lacks search badda-boom

Microsoft Bing is being billed as a “decision engine”, and if my experiences of Bing are anything to go by, the only decision I’m making is to go back to Google…

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Grabbing SEO by the Long Tail

Search Engine Optimization is in simple terms a methodology for word relevance and word use. Of course, there’s a lot more to SEO, but for the most part, that’s the story so far. However, to rank highly for those words you know are relevant to you, it help to rank for more distant phrases and even questions…

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Google, Clipmarks look to video

It wasn’t too long ago that Digg started offering video as a peer content offering, along side the regular common-or-garden variety universal resource locator (link to you & me!) Well it looks like Google have been experimenting with video in their search results, too: “Looks like Google is experimenting with including videos in the organic […]

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Search to become more refined in 2007?

If ever someone from this current era had to explain to someone from a previous era the concept of a search engine, the simplest yet seemingly preposterous analogy would be to describe such a thing as the sum total of all human knowledge placed beneath a spy glass. Do not be mistaken, we are at […]