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Secret anti-aging genes revealed

I believe people of my generation will be living much longer healthier lives, free from many of the ailments my parents generation suffer from now…

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Serious Science: the ultimate party drug? Part 2

The world we live in is one of immediate convenience. The pace and perception of modern life is such that a ‘quick fix’ to health & happiness is moved from our life wish list and into the ‘must have’ column. Technically, it seems the ultimate party drug is doable, but would it be ethically and […]

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US researchers target worms

Sounding like some script excerpt from Terminator 3: “US researchers have come up with a technique that claims to be able to stop internet worms within milliseconds of an outbreak.” Unlike the mechanical nemesis of all mankind, this particular system has the rather prosaic, academically anaemic-sounding name of the Proactive Worm Containment (PWC) system. Obviously […]

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Web movie downloads trailing rental and cable

The immediacy of the web is one of its principle strengths. However, right now there seems to be a very ‘sound bite’ oriented mentality associated with the web as a means of media delivery. Or at least that’s the findings of a recent ABI Research document: “Watching short clips is the rage on the Web, […]