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Within a recent guest article of mine on FoundRead (part of the GigaOM network) I offered up a counter-point to Seth Godin dissin’ Word-of-Mouth marketing…

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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: WTF?!

This has been a hard, transitional week for me. Since moving over to the new domain name, I’ve seen my traffic sag somewhat. I’ve been quick to swap out the old web address with the new one wherever I get the most exposure, but this is going to be an uphill battle. I’ve spent the […]

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SEM with no website?

So there I’m am, jogging past this house, and there’s a van parked outside, all the usual stuff; livery with logo, company strap line, telephone number. But wait a minute, there’s something missing, this guy doesn’t have a website! Question is: does he even need a website? Now there’s a thought… And then I thought […]