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Social Media to monetize the masses?

If we assume Social Media web properties like Digg and Pownce are made by you & me, why does the flow of money stop right there? Why don’t you & me get paid for making these Social Media moguls & magnates who / what they are? This question came to me yesterday, and I thought […]

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Pownce: micro-blogging made easy

I like Pownce. I did like Twitter, but I don’t anymore. For me, Pownce is micro-blogging personified. While being simple to use, it’s deceptively powerful stuff. However, much like any other Social Network, it’s not the features that maketh Pownce, it’s the people… Recently, I’ve been banging a big drum about a new illness called […]

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Social Networks: immersive 3D worlds

There’s something inherent in the trust we bestow on someone when after a time of anonymity, we finally get to see their face. Think of the number of people you know on the ‘Net and you know neither their real name, nor what they look like. Yet we often trust these people implicitly. But if […]

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Social Networks: mobile micro-blogging

Social Networks aren’t these rigid edifices, tethered to servers, themselves ensconced in air-conditioned rooms somewhere in the world. No, technology is best served as an enabler to life, love and business. And what do we know about life, love and business? They’re often on the move… In the first installment, I looked at the problem […]

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Pownce and Skitch invites to give away

I’m in a giving mood. And this tends not to happen too often. I’ve got a bunch of invites for Pownce and Skitch to give away. So take advantage of this chance to grab an invite while they’re still going… This is a first-come-first-served thing, so there may be those who’re not served right now. […]