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My big social web app’ wish list!

Social Networking & Social Media websites and applications form a big part of my daily routine. If I’m going to use something on a regular basis, I need them to work just the right side of not being annoying or difficult to use — oh how I wish…

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What price Social Networking?

What I find really disappointing is that I’ve had people follow me on Twitter only to see that their messages are of the short title + URL kind. So really, about the only reason they’re adding me is because I must fit their audience demographic, which suggests they’re marketeers. For me, a one-way dialogue is no dialogue at all…

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Convergence as a word often conjures up mental images of liquids flowing into each other. Trends in technology also spring to mind, too. But technology doesn’t have exclusive rights on convergence…

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The social communication generation

When we talk of great inventions, the written word is probably in the top five. Today, communication isn’t just a prerequisite, it’s big business. And with the proliferation of services like Pownce, Twitter and Jaiku, words are those intangible threads that draw the far-flung corners of the world closer together than at any time in the past…

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5 sure steps to a better Pownce

As a micro-blogging platform, Pownce is great. There’s a genuine sense of community in there, but Pownce isn’t without its blind spots, dark corners and empty chairs. In this house, there’s room for improvement!