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Pownce is dead

Six Apart have bought the talent behind Pownce and are closing the service down on December the 15th. Why? Who cares. The point is, when the lights go off at Pownce, a little more of the choice we have goes with it…

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So you found me on Twitter, right?

Welcome! So you’ve found me on Twitter and became a little curious about Wayne Smallman, the Blah, Blah! Technology blog, and wanted to know more, eh?

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An internet of everything

In the beginning, the internet was built around huge computers and universities around the world. Then came the PC, the laptop, the mobile phone and then? Almost anything you can imagine. Now imagine a world with an internet of everything…

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Twitter, FriendFeed undermine Social Media Marketing

Twitter and FriendFeed afford a reach, influence and the prospect of a powerful presence few would question. But if you’re trying to measure the influence of your friends via Social Media Marketing, relative to your posts and submissions, you’re in for a disappointment…

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Social Networking: convenience versus experience

Social Networks are the venues that pull people together on the web, either by theme, activity or any number of things. As a designer and the owner of a mind that loves to be visually engaged and stimulated, I enjoy shiny new stuff that attacks a problem from a previously unseen angle. However, convenience and experience are odd bed fellows, often not seen in the same room together…