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Microsoft’s digital dilemma

Like most other major multinational companies, Microsoft is comprised of some exceptionally smart people. However, sprawling strategies and conflicting interdepartmental agendas have the unerring ability to undermine the best intentions of said smart folk — and Microsoft are by no means an exception…

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iTunes get EMI DRM-free exclusive

As of today, EMI are offering their entire catalogue of music sans DRM and at a higher quality, too. Sounds like a good deal to me! Well, not quite. EMI may well have hit a wrong note, and I’ll tell you why. So here’s the good news: “EMI Group CEO Eric Nicoli today hosted a […]

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From Plan Apple to Plan Zune for Microsoft…

As if written as some contrived plot for an off-beat IT Sci-Fi series, news emerges that Microsoft considered doing a deal with Apple and the iPod. “A senior Microsoft executive was so frustrated by his experience with digital music players made by global partners that he proposed turning to Apple’s iPod for salvation, documents made […]

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Apple and the ‘billion dollar’ download patent

When do the words: “Patent Infringement” suddenly start to sound more like music to ones ears? When it’s Apple signing an out-of-court settlement that has them whistling a tune that everyone else might just have to dance to. “A recent out-of-court settlement between Apple Computer and a Vermont-based inventor has landed Apple the rights to […]

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Zune vs iPod: what next for the iPod, and what the hell can Microsoft’s Zune do about it? Part 3

With the recent generation of the iPod, Apple began offering games. What?! So didn’t Apple learn anything from the Pippin fiasco? Well, maybe they did learn something, and they’re puttin’ that learnin’ to use right now with the iPod. In the first installment, I looked at how the Microsoft Zune has had a bit of […]