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Social Networks: your data, on-demand

There was a time when we created discrete, often well-formed by largely isolated island states of data. Then the Web went all two-point-oh, and oh how things changed… In the first installment, I looked at the problem of Social Media Fatigue and a possible cure. The cure being an open, secure and portable means of […]

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Wikipedia in political web warfare

As I had reason to opine yesterday, the weapon of the modern politician is apathy & indifference. Armed as these people invariably are, gone are the days of the refrain: “And the best man won!” to be replaced by an expansive, seemingly empty landscape, littered with the fallen, occupied only by the last man standing. […]

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Free speech meets newspapers, web

There seems to be a real and very worrying misunderstanding of what ‘freedom of speech’ is really about. In my mind, free speech is about adding to a dialogue, not subtracting from and diminishing in such a way as to make the dialogue meaningless. I have to be selfish for a moment, and indulge my […]

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Internet anonymity

My name, my face and my words are my personal brand. They’re what I use to promote myself, my ‘blog and my business. To hide is to not be seen. But that’s just my thinking. Clearly, I can’t speak for others. So what’s wrong with being heard but not seen? Well, we’re going to find that out right here…

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Internet censorship and Digg democracy

Censorship on the ‘Net is a fiery issue currently burning holes through the web in unusual places. It’s contentious, debatable and causing some consternation for some. So why is the idea of calling for some silence or some order on the web the cause of so much dismay? And just how could Digg be the […]