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There was this ‘blogger from Barnsley…

There I was, biding my time. I was quite prepared to loll in the Doldrums and wait for the wind to change direction and blow me towards better, more open waters. Well the wind did change, but I was blown in a very unexpected direction, though not an unpleasant one… You see, since changing the […]

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Personal Branding for the ‘blogging masses

Personal Branding isn’t just for the big boys anymore. Personal Branding is an accessible methodology in so far as most ‘bloggers are actively building and managing personal brand every time they post a comment or write an article. Key to any personal brand is perception, both how you perceive yourself and how you’d prefer people […]

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Yet another ‘blogging article…

Man, is the web just totally crowded with ‘blogging tips & tricks, or what?! It’s almost like ‘blogging advice & help articles are in your face wherever you turn, isn’t it? So what makes mine any different? You doing something with my advice and then making good of it… So you want to know more […]

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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up…

This last week for me has been hectic .. busy, busy, busy! I’ve been working flat out to get on top of things, and in between a busy work schedule, I’ve managed to run two articles on a brand new topic for this ‘blog: Personal Branding & Brand Management, as well as the usual Wayne […]

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10 Personal Branding habits of the pros

And then it occurred to me – aren’t there Personal Branding & Brand Management habits of the professionals? Damn right there are!