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Blah, Blah! Technology needs your link luv!

Yes, it’s that time again. While no longer in name, this is still Wayne’s Weekly Wrap-up, all the same. Well, I say wrap-up, but it’s more like a nag, really. Blah, Blah! Technology has been bringing technology trends to you for over 2 years, now. But in reality, It’s only this last 6 months or […]

Mobile musical meme…

Music is that ephemeral, subjective, evocative and deeply emotional thing. Music can change a mood or mark a moment in your life. And right now, music is mobile. We can take our music with us and mark a moment through music wherever we choose to travel… It was Ray Charles singing Eleanor Rigby by the […]

Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: Holiday 2007

Alas, I must abscond to sunnier climes for a period of rest & relaxation, but mainly drunken revelry, hedonistic excess and debauchery of every type, style and description. From later this evening, I’m to be found mainly on the Greek island of Kardamena, getting up to no amount terrible thrills with my eldest nephew Jack… […]

No news, just tech’ views…

Like staring into a dark room, you know nothing of whether what lies within is going to be a surprise or a total absence of anything, surprise or otherwise. The last few weeks have not been a surprise, but they have been an absence rest, leisure and mental respite. These past two days in particular […]

Exposed: EzineArticles ‘expert status’

Fooled by the catchy headline? Sorry, but the only one being exposed here is me .. via EzineArticles awarding me Expert Author status. You see, I turned ten t’other day, when I submitted my: “Manage personal brand like a porn star” and: “10 Personal Branding habits of the pros” articles to my Ezine Articles account. […]