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10 PDF Tools & Tips for Bloggers

Being a blogger, you are probably aware that PDF is one of the most important formats used for on-line publishing. Actually, it’s the second most important format on the internet – only HTML is used more…

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Ad’ blindness coming to a PDF near you!

In an effort to drive more ad’ revenue, Adobe and Yahoo! announced an advertising platform for PDF documents. At first glance, you might be forgiven for thinking ill of such an apparent “me too!” affair. But there’s some innovation in this iterative idea… It’s no secret that Yahoo! isn’t the powerhouse that Google is when […]

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Adobe plan ahead and then play catch-up

What with Microsoft having fun with their Office Open XML format, Adobe seem to have found themselves in the awkward position of being caught in the headlights of a juganaught of a strategy that could well have implications for their PDF format: “In an effort to preempt this move, Adobe is now testing a set […]

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Adobe and Microsoft having creative differences? Part 4: future war

Right now, Adobe needs Microsoft. They need their Windows franchise because most of their customers use Windows. Dilemma. But what if Apple can help Adobe through this coming creative block and possibly become Adobe’s next muse? In the first installment, I looked at the history of Adobe Flash and the factors that prompted the buy-out […]

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Adobe and Microsoft having creative differences? Part 3: the lines are drawn

What with Microsoft looking to satiate their shareholders with yet more growth, they now look to unseat Adobe and take their creative crown. If this is to be the next battle ground in the computer software industry, then with the board set and the pieces in place, let battle commence. In the first installment, I […]