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Internet access as a basic human right

Society and the Internet are strange creatures; both amorphous, malleable to gradual, yet surprisingly rigid to sudden change, while being prone to a variety of sociocultural ills, but thankfully resilient and apparently self-healing…

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OLPC Quanta leap in laptop price?

I tend to get some interesting search queries bringing people to my ‘blog. Recently, there’s a been a steady tide of traffic drifting in on the subject of the One Laptop Per Child project, and more specifically with regards to the commercial, consumer availability of the XO laptop. This is something I’ve given some thought […]

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Negroponte on Intel against OLPC

Unbeknownst to me, there’s what appears to be a very good website dedicated to news regarding the One Laptop Per Child project. Interestingly, and fortuitously, there’s a recent feature regarding Nicholas Negroponte’s views on the Intel Classmate PC, which I’ve ‘blogged about recently: “The difference is that Intel’s approach is much more teacher-centric. Ours is […]

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Intel Classmate PC versus OLPC XO

Those who’ve followed me following the One Laptop Per Child XO laptop computer know that I like the project. I not only like the project, I also like the product, too. Yes, some could argue that the XO laptop is under-powered, but that’s to use the yardstick that you & me are more familiar with […]

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OLPC XO laptop enters final testing

Nearing final launch, the One Laptop Per Child laptop enters into what is anticipated to be final testing. Despite the diminutive size of the XO laptop, it packs a lot of punch and some serious consideration with regards to making sure the final product works. I have more than a passing knowledge of how detailed […]