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Microsoft Office for Mac makes good ground

I’ve been using Microsoft Office for Mac for some years, now. And guess what: Office for Mac just works. That’s not a refrain you hear often in conjunction with the Microsoft brand and their software. I’ve never had too many problems with Office for Mac, but I’m a little behind, having bought my version back […]

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Microsoft’s OpenXML not all that open?

Maybe I was too fair to Microsoft. When I first read about their OpenXML, I thought that maybe they’d turned over a new leaf. I thought that we were going to see a more caring sharing side to Microsoft. A new Microsoft looking forward, not backwards .. say, towards compatibility, for example. “Bob Sutor commented […]

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Microsoft open Office for business

When I first read about Microsoft going down the XML route for their new Office file format, I had to wonder why. After all, this is the same company that likes to ’embrace & extend’. And after reading between the lines, there’s still the beating heart of a strategy to dominate, but one that is […]