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Yahoo oneSearch Launches to Redefine Mobile Web Search

If you were thinking Yahoo! had given up the search ghost, think again! Not one to stand still, Yahoo! have signed not one, not two, not even three, but four partnerships recently: “Yahoo oneSearch & Opera Mobile Partnership Opera Software and Yahoo! today announced a new strategic partnership for which Opera has named Yahoo! as […]

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Apple iPhone: the game is on

“Many abilities. No buttons. Introducing the iPhone.” Is this Apple trying desperately to Think Different, or are they onto something? Or, is this just another fake? I have to wonder. On the face of it, the idea of a mobile phone sans buttons seems ridiculous to the extreme, but why have buttons anyway? For a […]

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Apple & Nokia

Not long after Apple and Motorola got into bed over the prospect of iTunes on a mobile phone, and then the possibility of a mobile phone specifically for iTunes, among other things, the other mobile handset manufacturers felt the heat and began plans of their own to build tie-ins with other music content providers. Recently, […]