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Yahoo’s Brand Universe goes live

So it’s a bold move by anyone to deviate from that principle, unless they have a good idea of what they’re doing. As reported previously here on Blah, Blah! Technology, Yahoo! are positioning themselves as kind of standard bearer for mashups. And with their recent acquisitions of the likes of, MyBlogLog and Flickr, they’re […]

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Apple iPhone: where’s the games?

During the course of the Macworld keynote announcement of the Apple iPhone, a friend and I watched the transcript from the event and tried to guess what might be coming next: “You know what’s coming next? Video games…” I type quickly into Skype, hoping to be ahead of the announcement. In addition, I made reference […]

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A Wii bit of exercise courtesy of Nintendo?

What brought a smile to my face, other than seeing a smiling face with a black eye, was that people were being stirred enough to get off the sofa and get active. And what exactly gave one person a black eye, has so far resulted in broken windows, TV screens and left people panting, exhausted? […]

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Yahoo! getting into mashups?

So is Yahoo! finally starting to think about how they’re going to make their recent acquisitions of and Flickr work together? Not to be caught behind the door, Yahoo! has moved quickly to capitalize on the release and imminent wider exposure of the Nintendo Wii with the release of their Wii Portal. By way […]