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New York Times syndicate rather than innovate

The big media players like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal must still think they’re unsinkable. But with finance, fate and fortune all getting caught by a strong tide of change, is syndication rather than innovation a safer harbour to weather the economic storm?

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New York Times in the news

War is often the mother of invention. Out of conflict comes inspiration and an appetite to succeed. An even battle often results in an long, drawn out conflict of attrition. But this is the software industry, and the fruits of such conflicts are lower costs, innovation and options to be explored. Right now, Adobe and […]

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What’s in store for 2007 from Blah, Blah! Technology

Oh have I been busy! Right now, I’ve got 2 weeks worth of articles ready to unleash. That’s enough science & technology stuff to keep you going until mid January. I’ve got a Skype news round-up. More news on the Apple mobile phone. Craigslist versus the Capitalists. How the New York Times is coming to […]

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New York Times to get with the times? Sounds like good news to me!

“New York Times Surrenders To Social News” I love that headline! There’s nothing like a good journalistic ‘the sky is falling!’ type dilemma to pull in the readers. Is there any truth in the headline? Of course not, but I wish I was one visitor behind the Tech Crunch article with this article. “The New […]