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iGoogle vs Netvibes, now it’s personal

So that’s what IG in the URL stands for. It stands for iGoogle. Right, now I know. But a lick of paint and a few time-related visual themes do not a Netvibes maketh. It’s quite a departure for Google, to offer something unapologetically visual, seemingly at the expense – or at the very least in […]

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Adobe Media Player debuts

Adobe have the wind to their backs, and looking down the playing field, they can see old enemies with the sun in their eyes, trying to figure out if it’s a confident smile or gritted determination they see on the faces of those coming towards them. Either way, it’s best to exercise caution and brace […]

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Netvibes Universe goes live

My timing is usually spot on, but this time, it’s been impeccable. My comparison of Google Personal versus Netvibes couldn’t have come at a better time. Only a few days ago did news surface that Netvibes were up to something, and I made a stab at guess as to what that something was: “By way […]

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Netvibes Universe, embedded

Looks like Netvibes are planning something major, spaciously entitled “Netvibes Universe” which conjures up all kinds of notions. To celebrate this event, they’re inviting ‘600 of their closest friends’, which also conjures up all kinds of notions, specifically, beyond 100 friends, close or otherwise, could you name them all? Anyway, despite my previous glowing review […]