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Water-dependent alien life on the rocks?

To humans, as well as most other forms of life here on planet Earth, water is a commodity we need to survive. As a commodity, water isn’t interchangeable with anything else. Without it, we humans and most other creatures simply and abruptly die… And right up until very recently, the presence of water in either […]

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Internet circa 2035…

Thinking ahead is what differentiates humans from the other animals. Planning around those thoughts is a different matter all together. Today, we have the Internet, and it’s an amazing thing. But why hobble this amazing thing by tethering it to planet Earth? So what if we could extend the Internet? Say, out as far as […]

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UN urged to adopt asteroid impact treaty

The more we learn about our world, the more we appreciate the fragility of things and the more precious this blue planet seems to us. We’re destroying this world and we’re also pushing the resources available to us to the very edge. On the positive side, we know what we’re doing wrong and we are […]

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Tech’ news in brief: BBC, Google and Nasa

BBC moves to file-sharing sites “Hundreds of episodes of BBC programmes will be made available on a file-sharing network for the first time, the corporation has announced.The move follows a deal between the commercial arm of the organisation, BBC Worldwide, and technology firm Assures … The new deal means that users of the software will […]