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Sony BMG, UK music charts: the beat goes on

Back in the 80’s it wasn’t unknown for a number one song to top out in the many hundreds of thousands. In fact, getting to number one demanded that. Fast forward through the intervening couple of decades and here we are – dwindling record sales, a slump in consumer confidence and all but outright contempt […]

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Apple and the ‘billion dollar’ download patent

When do the words: “Patent Infringement” suddenly start to sound more like music to ones ears? When it’s Apple signing an out-of-court settlement that has them whistling a tune that everyone else might just have to dance to. “A recent out-of-court settlement between Apple Computer and a Vermont-based inventor has landed Apple the rights to […]

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Music round-up: Songbird attempts take-off, iPod marches on and put people and music first…

So you like your music, yes? Good. So do I. And guess what? There’s a whole bunch of other people out there who do too. So here’s a round-up of the music stuff that’s found a sympathetic ear with me and some of the people in the music biz making all the right noises. “Songbird […]

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Songbird: new music player on-song, if a little out of tune

Originally, this article was going to be a review of Songbird, the new music player. But then I had another look at it, and for all it’s might, fancy and potential, the poor thing just isn’t ready to take flight just yet. But I’ll tell you what .. oh my, does Songbird have potential! Anyway, […]

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Do the iPod Shuffle…

I’m not the gadget fiend I used to be. I like gadgets that, 1) are useful [not always a given, but you know this], 2) aren’t too fiddly [hephalump-thumbs-r-us], 3) not too expensive that I would fall to my knees, head held in hands, crying like a baby if said gadget got broken. So the […]