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Apple, Cisco work on iPhone tech’

I often look for ways of turning a weakness into a strength. It’s a key instrument that any business person employs at some stage in their lives. For the likes of Apple, it’s become a key differentiator – take what people and your competitors perceive as a weakness and build it into a strength. Take […]

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On2 get mobile on Flash video tech’

If the web was fashion, then video would be the new black. And let’s face it, like black, video seems to go with anything & everything these days. And so it goes that video on a mobile device is becoming not just more viable, but also something people actually want .. apparently. Personally, I’m not […]

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Apple iPhone: a guided tour

Only now is the Apple iPhone starting to settle into peoples’ minds. Now, the detailed, critical but largely positive initial analyses have filtered their way through the web firmament, and people like me can start to pull the tenuous threads together. Rather than go into any detail myself, I’m going to provide references to some […]

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Apple iPhone versus the LG KE850?

Some might say by accident, some might say by design, I say the chances of Apple just copying the work of someone else is not even an idea worth bothering with. There’s no doubting the similarities between the Apple iPhone and the LG KE850, that no one can deny. However, for Apple, design is a […]

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Macworld rumor round-up

So Macworld is right around the corner. What might we expect to see making a debut? Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’ I don’t see Mac OS X 10.5 shipping at the Macworld show, but it’s a good bet that we’ll see an extended preview: “The likelihood that we’ll see Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) released […]