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The future of mankind: predictions of a new world

The future of mankind is one driven by the need to innovate. The pressures on our species are unique, which will in time give rise to unique solutions to the problems of our past, present and of our future…

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Signals are strong for next generation Wi-Fi

The enemy of wireless telecommunications everywhere is a poor signal. They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or metamaterials to be precise, which the US Air Force is counting on for the next generation of antennas…

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The mobile office of the future: software & hardware

Soon, the mobile office could make fixed offices as much of an anachronism as the desktop paradigm on your computer. In business, almost everything we do is liable to change, edging towards an ever-moving mobile metaphor… With the right tools and the right workflow, your office could be wherever you are standing or sitting. Your […]