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Building a social web workflow

By far the biggest problem associated with social networking and social media is their capacity for being a major temporal sink hole, whereby we can pour our time and effort in and get very little back in return. That’s certainly what a lot of newbie socneters tell me — but it needn’t be that way, not with a little effort, because in the end it’s the difference between aimless and effortless…

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Blah technology trends, commentary and opinion goes micro!

Blah is all about technology trends, commentary and opinion. As such, I’ll be piloting a new method of posting short but very sweet little excerpts from websites and blogs, including my own comments…

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Mixx adds community to social bookmarking

Mixx social bookmarking is making itself a worthwhile place to be found these days. And with a recent raft of updates, it’s easy to imagine Mixx giving more established Social Media players a run for their money…

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Making the most of Mixx social bookmarking

Mixx is a Social Media bookmarking website that encourages people to get along, picking up the theme of web-based democracy where Digg left off, but with a feel-good spin. And no, Mixx isn’t a Digg clone…

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Social Media bigger than Google’s search business?

Social Media is redefining how we not only write our content, but how we distribute and interact with it. Google are presently trying to get a fix on Social Media in a way that relates to the rest of their business. But I’m reminded of a mountain and a guy called Mohammed…