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Google Apps not equal Microsoft Office

Google have split their Google Applications suite into four offerings: Small Business, Enterprise, School and Family or Group. They’ve also given this suite a Microsoft-style name, too: Google Apps Premier Edition. Which I suspect is not by accident, either. But what Google Apps Premier Edition isn’t is a competitor to Microsoft Office: “Today, it introduces […]

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Microsoft Office for Mac makes good ground

I’ve been using Microsoft Office for Mac for some years, now. And guess what: Office for Mac just works. That’s not a refrain you hear often in conjunction with the Microsoft brand and their software. I’ve never had too many problems with Office for Mac, but I’m a little behind, having bought my version back […]

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Microsoft hone their Windows Home Server

Just as Apple role out their Apple TV set-top box, Microsoft busy themselves with a similar, if not more wide-reaching and wide-ranging product. Enter the Windows Home Server. Now, I’ve never been a big fan of Microsoft’s naming convention, or a fan of Microsoft full stop – with the exception of Microsoft Office for Mac, […]