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Microsoft “Office Lite” to take on Google Docs? Part 2

Microsoft Office faces greater and more committed competition now than at almost any other time since its inception. Will we see Microsoft innovate or imitate their way to greater successes?

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Microsoft “Office Lite” to take on Google Docs? Part 1

Google Docs could well be applying pressure to Microsoft. Right now, their “Office Lite” project code-named Albany is in closed beta. But can Microsoft make Office work in an on-line world?

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Microsoft Office politics to bring adCenter and Yahoo! together?

Microsoft’s adCenter Labs has been turning heads recently. But the quality and the sophistication of their search marketing tools casts a long shadow over their less than stellar advertising presence — and then there are those rumors of Yahoo! being bought out by none other than Microsoft… Microsoft’s adCenter Labs first came to my attention […]

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Google preparing PowerPoint killer?

Right now, Google Docs & Spreadsheets does not, I repeat, does not compete with Microsoft Office. Nor does the Google Apps suite of applications, which includes the aforementioned Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Simply offering a one-for-one, like-for-like suite of applications doesn’t really add up to something on a par with Microsoft Office, largely because Office […]

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Microsoft Windows to go ‘pay as you go’?

In terms of committing resources to a problem, Microsoft were stretched developing Windows Vista. Their ambitions far exceeded their very considerable reach. For the end user, the end product is a shadow of what was originally talked about. I imagine Microsoft would be keen to avoid this kind of thing in the future. In fact, […]