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Pownce is dead

Six Apart have bought the talent behind Pownce and are closing the service down on December the 15th. Why? Who cares. The point is, when the lights go off at Pownce, a little more of the choice we have goes with it…

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So you found me on Twitter, right?

Welcome! So you’ve found me on Twitter and became a little curious about Wayne Smallman, the Blah, Blah! Technology blog, and wanted to know more, eh?

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Twitter is NOT a Micro-Blogging tool

It amazes me how anyone in all seriousness can even consider the inane twaddle that permeates the Internet from services like Twitter as even coming close to blogging or micro-blogging…

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Google to revive Jaiku micro-blog with Social Network smarts?

I like Jaiku, though I suspect many of you have never heard of this smart micro-blogging platform. But if there’s any truth in recent talk, you might be seeing a lot more of Jaiku…

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Enhancing timely content with SEO and Social Media

Ever wondered what happens when a well-timed article, good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the effective use of Social Media websites and Social Networks are combined? You can drive some very targeted traffic to your blog…