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A manned mission to Mars — and beyond

Are we ready to travel to Mars and beyond? And just what compels us to look to space as a new home? These are some of the questions we’re now starting to ask ourselves seriously as we edge further into the twenty-first century…

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A manned mission to Mars — the challenges

Space, the final frontier. The future of mankind is a a pioneer of the ink black firmament. But before we make our next giant leap, I’ll be discussing what we need to do first to make our exploration of the stars an enduring legacy and not a lamentable foray into the unknown…

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Internet circa 2035…

Thinking ahead is what differentiates humans from the other animals. Planning around those thoughts is a different matter all together. Today, we have the Internet, and it’s an amazing thing. But why hobble this amazing thing by tethering it to planet Earth? So what if we could extend the Internet? Say, out as far as […]