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Social Media & Social Networking — good for business?

Social Media & Social Networking aren’t shortcuts to any kind of success, business or otherwise. They’re a commitment and an investment. To market a service based on such a premise isn’t just misleading, it’s also attempting to build business success on the strength of ever diminishing returns…

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When business matters

Within a recent guest article of mine on FoundRead (part of the GigaOM network) I offered up a counter-point to Seth Godin dissin’ Word-of-Mouth marketing…

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Social Media: the natural choice for inorganic traffic

As a ‘blogger, the flow of traffic I receive is either ‘natural’ (web directories, search engines, other ‘blogs), or it’s from Social Media venues (StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit et cetera). But given how Social Media is maturing as a legitimate marketing method, why is the traffic it generates deemed unnatural? Much has been said recently about […]

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Technology means business

For me, technology and business go hand in hand. They’re indivisible and the principle reason why you’ll see me writing about business topics on a ‘blog that is ostensibly focused on technology. And I suspect my experiences aren’t too dissimilar to those of many other businesses, irrespective of whether we’re in the same industry or […]

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Audi, Jaguar ads drive business branding

Everyone is an individual in one way or another. And one of the goals of Personal Branding is to accentuate those unique, positive and luminous characteristics of yourself. In fact, truly unique personalities are in many respects like top marque car manufacturers. So are you a Pinto or a Pontiac? Maybe an Austin Allegro or […]