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Adobe don’t care Contribute is broken

So finally we have our answer from Adobe Technical Support with regards to how Adobe Contribute is breaking every website we use it with. Apparently, it’s the users fault. Specifically, my client. Excellent .. and there was me thinking Adobe had been utterly unprofessional. [/sarcasm] For anyone who’s used the very much broken Adobe Contribute, […]

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Adobe Contribute is broken

I say this with some degree of confidence, making up in part for my lack of authority, as I’m neither a software developer, nor an avid user of Adobe Contribute. But that’s besides the point. The fact is, Adobe Contribute just doesn’t work properly because I think it’s broken. I’ve had dealings with Adobe Contribute […]

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Adobe plan p2p technology move

When all is said & done, Adobe, and formerly Macromedia are vendors of software tools. They produce software that enables creative people to do cool stuff. What they haven’t done is muscle in on the content side of things. That’s what their customers do, and isn’t ordinarily the domain of the vendor. Of all the […]

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Adobe Fireworks to make a bang

Adobe show the door to their own pre-Macromedia acquisition image editing application ImageReady to elevate Fireworks to sub Photoshop status. Well, that’s the plan, anyway. I used to use Fireworks some years back, but in the end I just gave up trying to make it work the way other proper Mac applications work. You see, […]

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Adobe and Microsoft having creative differences? Part 4: future war

Right now, Adobe needs Microsoft. They need their Windows franchise because most of their customers use Windows. Dilemma. But what if Apple can help Adobe through this coming creative block and possibly become Adobe’s next muse? In the first installment, I looked at the history of Adobe Flash and the factors that prompted the buy-out […]