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Apple risk chipped ‘n’ flashed iPhone hardware

Apple are rumoured to be exploring the idea of launching multiple models of the iPhone, each differentiated by the software they come pre-loaded with. Sounds like a great idea! But then I hear the words “flash” and “chip” .. and no, I don’t mean the hard disk or the processor…

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Using .htaccess to block unwanted traffic

Not all web traffic is made equal. Some websites and blogs aren’t exactly the kind of places you’d like to get a visit from. So here’s a technique for sending those visitors somewhere else…

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iPod inching closer to iPhone design?

What has to rank as one of the least difficult to predict Apple predictions in history, it looks like the iPod will take on the iPhone form factor sans the phone smarts… The moment the Apple iPhone was rumoured way back when, I began to think. Then when there was talk of full screen and […]

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MarsEdit not yet ready for launch…

Every now & then, some software comes along that raises the bar. And quite surprisingly, MarsEdit does exactly that .. for the user, that is. You see, MarsEdit, the ‘blog authoring tool is for the likes of me, the code warrior, the tinkerer, the writer of HTML code and not the less technically well hung […]

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Skype updates for Mac and enterprise

I use Skype almost exclusively. Yeah, I use Meebo, too, but it’s Skype that keeps me connected to clients as well as colleagues and friends. So my interest was truly piqued by a double-whammy of Skype news this last week. Apparently, there’s an enterprise-class version of Skype on its way: “The enterprise version will allow […]