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Business websites: SEO versus Social Media, Part 2

Nearly every business could benefit from SEO in some way, but the same cannot be said for Social Media & Social Networking… In the first installment, I began to ‘deconstruct’ the arguments for why one ‘blogger Tadeusz Szewczyk feels SEO is no longer relevant, and that Social Media is the place to be. In this […]

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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up…

This last week for me has been hectic .. busy, busy, busy! I’ve been working flat out to get on top of things, and in between a busy work schedule, I’ve managed to run two articles on a brand new topic for this ‘blog: Personal Branding & Brand Management, as well as the usual Wayne […]

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The wires have eyes…

I’m always getting weird, wonderful and sometimes even weirdly wonderful search queries coming to my ‘blog. But then I also get some equally (if not more) weird referrer URLs coming in, too. Take for example SiggiSim, which is currently just some ‘white label’ test system, claiming to offer: “User Powered Media Your Way.” A quick […]

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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: where to find me…

By way of some self-indulgent, self-promotional content-free posting this Sunday, here’s a list of all of the places you can expect to find me skulking & lurking on that interweb thing I keep hearing a lot about. StumbleUpon Pownce Twitter Flickr Clipmarks Ecademy LinkedIn Technorati MyBlogLog Digg Ma.gnolia 43 Things Explode! Flagr Also, […]