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One Laptop Per Child not for sale?

Despite the idea of selling the XO laptop as a consumer device to the likes of you & me, Nicholas Negroponte, One Laptop Per Child chairman has since scotched the idea .. for now, anyway. As rumours go, selling the XO laptop as a ‘buy-2-get-1 arrangement’ was certainly very nice while it lasted: “The One […]

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Negroponte: Rich countries to buy laptops for poor

For such a well-meaning and competently managed project, the One Laptop Per Child program has managed to attract its fair share of detractors and critics. However, ideas abound if the OLPC project is fulfilled as intended by Nicholas Negroponte et al, we could be witness to a wonderful international gesture of good will: “Nicholas Negroponte, […]

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Assessing the true cost of One Laptop Per Child

What one man giveth, another man often takes with both hands. So while the One Laptop Per Child project might look like a winner right from the get-go, the long-term consequences could be hidden costs and comment spam on the cheap. This isn’t good news, especially on the back of criticisms of the OLPC project […]