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Social Networking: convenience versus experience

Social Networks are the venues that pull people together on the web, either by theme, activity or any number of things. As a designer and the owner of a mind that loves to be visually engaged and stimulated, I enjoy shiny new stuff that attacks a problem from a previously unseen angle. However, convenience and experience are odd bed fellows, often not seen in the same room together…

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Google to revive Jaiku micro-blog with Social Network smarts?

I like Jaiku, though I suspect many of you have never heard of this smart micro-blogging platform. But if there’s any truth in recent talk, you might be seeing a lot more of Jaiku…

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The social communication generation

When we talk of great inventions, the written word is probably in the top five. Today, communication isn’t just a prerequisite, it’s big business. And with the proliferation of services like Pownce, Twitter and Jaiku, words are those intangible threads that draw the far-flung corners of the world closer together than at any time in the past…

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Write, read and review Google Knols with Docs, Reader and Jaiku

Google Knol made the headlines, in part for all the wrong reasons. But now that Google’s Knol is here to stay, how might Google make writing, reading, rating and reviewing Knols that much easier?