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BlackBerry on the brink?

The BlackBerry line of mobile phones may have become loyal companions to travelling businessmen, but with competitors ever encroaching on its market share, the company has had to refocus its strategies after seeing how much money could be made by orientating some of their devices towards everyday consumers rather than the enterprise.

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Apple risk chipped ‘n’ flashed iPhone hardware

Apple are rumoured to be exploring the idea of launching multiple models of the iPhone, each differentiated by the software they come pre-loaded with. Sounds like a great idea! But then I hear the words “flash” and “chip” .. and no, I don’t mean the hard disk or the processor…

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WordPress for iPhone

Introducing the first Open Source app that lets you write posts, upload photos, and edit your WordPress blog from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Apple’s iPhone is game for anything

The iPhone is, arguably, as good a hand held games console as the PlayStation Portable, or the Nintendo DS. With the iPhone, Apple have a convergence device like no other…

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Apple’s benign digital dictatorship

Steve Jobs is a dictator and the Apple brand is his republic. But this is a country of gardens surrounded by invisible walls, designed to keep the good stuff in and its citizens happy, for the most part…